About Leef en Leer!

Leef en leer! (Live and learn!) is a partnership between OBA, the city of Amsterdam and Taal voor het Leven (Language for Life). These partners all work together to develop an effective and sustainable local approach to combatting functional illiteracy.

 The Leef en Leer! service team supports all Amsterdammers who want to improve thier Dutch, maths and computer skills. Leef en Leer! gives a helping hand to Amsterdammers who want to learn. For example, by directing them to a practice program on the internet or a suitable course in the neighbourhood.

Leef en Leer! also supports volunteers by offering an overview of organisations to connect to, educational materials and training courses. Language volunteers can also get advice from the Language Consultants at Leef en Leer!

Leef en Leer! also supports Amsterdam voluntary organisations.  Through the online platform, Leef en Leer! sees to it that these organisations are easier to find. Leef en Leer! also gives advice in the field of training, learning and educational materials. Moreover, Leef en Leer! offers facilities for voluntary and other organisations to work together.

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